r.douglas says howdy

This post is part of a large and active “blogging” community, but I’ve reached the age where one just wants to sit on their porch and succumb to cliché and bad metaphors.

So I’ve disabled likes, shares, and comments to indulge in a bit more freewheeling shorthand notes of the day and aides-memoires. See…

It’s a Semi-Private Weblog of reflexive poetry, chasing the moment editorials, and senior moment tech drivel.

Being, for the most part, content free, this post is justly comment free as likes, comments, even share buttons are deactivated on this post. There is, however, a last resort contact page.

Light or dark page mode should react  to your browser default…but you can toggle a light or dark post view with the sun or moon icon next to search in the menu above.

I just post here, don’t really chirp here. But feel free to have a look around if so inclined.

Thanks and regards,

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