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About a fifth of a way through the new book about Mitt Romney. It’s good. I’m wondering, this morning, what Mittens, a man of faith, thinks about a theocrat as Speaker Of the House.

An interesting MAGA move.

Another mass shooting. This time in Maine. Double digits dead. Damn.

OK. I said I wouldn’t post tone poems on an individual post. Said I’d slap them up to the footer of this dumb ass site. Well, that’s still, in the main, operative. But I did this beat barf so damn quick, I’m just going to toss it up and forget about it. Forever.

I think I had another mini-stroke last Friday night. Know how I could tell? For a few days after such an event damn near everything makes one hyper-emotional…just plain sad. For others. For circumstance. For the whole of the human condition. It’s truly strange. And so is being fearful about going to sleep. The main stroke came when I was asleep.

I want a new M3 Mac. I don’t need a M3 Mac, but I’ve been torturing this Mac Studio making all these mindless beats, idiot post, and living on YouTube.

Amazing. I still think about the future. Maybe a full fat Mac-Mini M3.

See ya.

Well…whats reverb?

  1. After the split in Arlington, I think this could be an interesting series….but I doubt that it will dent any TV numbers….yeah…toolin’ up to play the photog to your verse…that’s a good move…worth a shot …stay well Bill, and thanks.

  2. Silly me for expecting baseball expletives. But I was not naïve enough to expect the Congress majority to do anything reflecting wisdom. But, WTF?

    I bought a new (used) camera instead of a gun. I want to know more about pho-tow-graphicalism and the latter kind of shooting seems so commonplace, especially here is Texas (now in Maine).

    But weird, right? The Rangers in the WS and Phoenix beats the Phillies. Yikes!

  3. Hey..thanks…and we’re close to doomed but gotta keep the faith trE…and that Mac M3 is a 3 nanometer chip…that’s unreal…and the speed and processing power is going to blow people away….and thanks about that tone poem but I feel I’m in a creative slump…there is just so much to learn about making music in a box…thanks again

  4. Get whatever you want, whenever you want, Doug, especially during these times. I read about the idiot from Shreveport being elected as Speaker of the House this morning, and I’m still trying to process it all. *Sighs*

    We’re severely doomed.

    And as always, the tone poem is right on time.

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