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After much dumb ass due consideration I’ve decided to re-up this post for yet another year. But as usually that commitment comes with a caveat…or thirty. I think I’ll dual track and try Substack. I’m primarily interested in the tech of the platform. Just wanna see how it works.

And here, for the sake of my very few readers, enough about beat making/tone poemin’ and the resulting sad sonic abuse. Any future toe taps and finger snaps will be posted without fanfare in the footer of this site. My apologies for the recent tone deafness. Gots to kick this kick drum jones.

In other news, of less importance of course, but still of some interest and consequence, Jim Jordan, obviously can’t count, but he continues to wrestle that GOP House caucus in hopes of pinning down the speakership. ( can I get some props for that run on sentence )

And it seems the Middle East is plum out of plowshares and chock full of propagandist. It’s only going to get worse….and for some reason the majority party in the U.S. House Of Representatives is in total disarray and incapable of exercising any oversight…..hell… there is no full gang of eight for the Biden admin to brief.

American boys and girls are in harms way in the Middle East while the GOP is enfolded in an offensive homegrown crusade. A performative Holy War.

OK, take 15 points off for me joining all the those other hacks that capitulated to the too easy wrestling metaphor…or is it an analogy…and why, given all the crap going on, would anybody care.

See ya …wouldn’t want to be ya.

  1. “or thirty” – Isn’t that the way it goes.

    Props for the run on sentence and 15 points docked for joining the capitulating caravan.
    Guess you broke even.

  2. Nope…unfortunately that’s our most recent buddy…CODA….gone now for about three tough yes. But we’re working on breaking some puppy out of the pound…

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