Dark Light

Gots’ to decide a thing or two. Soon. Now. Or never, mine. The beat making is beasting me. The blog postings are, in the main, rash and trash. And it’s cash and carry here…Soon…come early winter, and I ain’t feeling much like a winner, so I’m sure gonna whine about it…don’t ya know.

In smart ass, show off, shop talk, SNZ got me Pro-Q 3, Pro-R and Pro-C 2….which rings of vitamin supplements but are actually world class digital audio plug-ins. Should take me only a couple of years to learn how to use ‘em.

And as the days darken quicker the very concept of sharing all this here drivel is shaded by the understanding that the internet as fellowship long ago gave up the ghost to a coterie of ciphers cataloguing all that makes you ….YOU! And monetize what makes you… YOU… they do. Warned ya above about the whining, remember.

So the House is without a Speaker, and the World is without a bit of reason, and actual treason seems in season, while me and SNZ are still without a puppy. And Wolf Tickets are vieux jeu. For sure.

See ya.


  1. And a fine whine with a hint of sarcasm, it is.
    You’re no techno sham, Doug. You’ll master all the PQRC stuff in fewer than two years for sure. You’re the man!

  2. You make me blush with your gush, gush. You’re my… hear!, hear!… heart. But wait… where that puppy be. lets go break one out of da pound. Seriously….before the snow show shows. K?

  3. Love the lo-fi beat! More you than the Pro-Q/R/C tools to my ear … but it’s really your ear that’s the real deal discerning one, so I’m ecstatic that you can Fab Filter your tone poems and tunes. Yes, Fabulous!

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