Appliance Applied

Started the week here, in our parcel of the lower forty-eight , with temperatures in the mid eighties. Awoke this morning with the heat enlisted to elevate the indoor real feel a bit above that outdoor, you got it, forty-eight degrees.

This morning I’ve been intercourse-ing around with the yearly major OS update. Dropped this week. Four of our computers were legacy-ed out. They have to be repositioned or tossed. And we’ve updated six devices including two computers running Logic Pro. I know a real no-no…but so far, no fails.

And my phone has finally been legacy’ed but I hear the new one is really HOT! Ha! Ha! Ha!

The only glitch I’ve experienced is I have yet to optimize my extended monitor on my main mechanism. I’m getting the new storage devouring screensaver to and froing on both screens. Truly neat but not necessary.

And I’m working on a fix ‘cause I don’t want to watch the news this otherwise fine Saturday morning. Don’t want to hear about no belligerents be it in Eastern Europe , the Middle East, or God help us all…Mar-a-Lago.


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