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I’ve read hundreds of books about World War 2. And more than a few of those tomes were concerned with how the conflict affected the everyday civilian domestic, commercial, and social doings in a wartime home front environment. But at no time do I recall reading about the nation wide musician strike of 1942 thru 44.

O.K., that’s not really a big deal when you’re trying to drum Hitler the hell out of Europe, and change the minds of the then ultra-militaristic Japanese empire, but it was historic never the less and effected American music to this day.

So todays Tone Poem is called “Too Suddenly Sober.” Keep that in mind during the first 30 seconds or so…but the real deal is the video below.

Give it a shot. You’ll learn things brand new via a somewhat be-bop view.

regards, r.Douglas

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  1. Fascinating video on Laufey—I learned a lot! … Not to mention discovering who she is. Thanks!
    And thanks, too, for another great audio offering! (aka Tone Poem) Love the jazz! (Definitely jazz)

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