Just A Devotee…O.K.

Having lived largely
the low life
I know naught
about Peak Poetry

You know
Those lines, those stems
of verse that occupy
periodicals like New Yorker
And the NYRB

And ever so richly stylized
to appear as ram-shackled
non-rhyming rhymes
run amok

Never had any luck
pencil whippin’ up
a “lord it” portfolio of
my barbarous versifications

As I seem to be inimical
to anything akin to an

If this reads a bit bitter it’s because the Chicago Cubs have gone 2 and 8 of the last ten, and so doing, gave away the lead they had in the NL wildcard race. Bums.

Just “finished” todays “Tone Poem.” Called SNZ-Approves.

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