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Dropped and had to restore this site, yet once again. Been a while- but I got cute with a Neo-brutal design that caught my fancy and I pranced through the (third-party) design options until plug-in was pouncing upon plug-in and I couldn’t bring all that activity to heel.

Got checked by choke-point capitalism… again. These instances of error, infelicity, and self-pity ain’t pretty, but do make the doddery somewhat daring.

It’s really of no never mind now, as I’m resigned to a strict design of straightforward templating. How honest-to-goodness of me.

Meanwhile, yes… I watched the GOP presidential primary debate last night. Not quite the collective flight from reality I feared it might be, but the collapse of any semblance of an aggregate party governing platform means players must over perfume in individual performative verisimilitude.

He/She generally feels the need to seem real via the prism/prison of digital data points and the walking wounded wonder of surrendering a personal political self to the dictates of becoming nothing more than a social media influencer writ small.

And it’s getting nothing but real for the guy who sat this debate out. Hell, he’s about to post bail for another set of alleged felonies before the day’s sunset.

  1. Oh I do like this theme! Sorry if it gave you fits. WordPress seems determined to do that these days with plug-in after plug-in which may or may not (mostly not) be helpful to us mere bloggers. They seem focused almost exclusively on advancing monetized and/or commercials sites.

    1. Hey, how you? You’re right this theme is wonderful and a dream to use. It’s another one I was attempting to move to given the coming political season. A brut of a post that just pops. Would have been fun…but working with multiple editors and page/post builder was just too much of a challenge. Hope you and the puppy are having a fine summer. And Thanks.

  2. From my vantage point, no need to change templates because this one suits. And the debate was entertaining—more so sans the guy turning himself in today in GA. Still just a circus ring adjacent to the center ring. So far no new ringmaster has emerged. But step right up, you never can tell.

    1. Yep…STEP right up…1 tenth of a dollar. Not a dime of difference in this field, excepting the Anti-Boss-Hog heralds who will soon be set upon by hectors, heathens and harlots—both paid and true believing. Gonna be a mess.

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