Click Bait Gate!

I once thought in paragraphs
admittedly in the occasional italics
but the script was declarative
informed by personal improvisation
of principals particular to upbringing
and upkeep

I’d peep about politics
I’d chirp about culture
I’d high mind the American eagle
I’d lowbrow the downmarket
I’d play philistine to the guillotine
on the chopping block of the American
Dream and scream at the schemes of anti-
pluralist and revanchist seeking requiem
for the souls of their Lost Cause

That was then

When debate was the gate behind which
facts were marshaled,
arrested by agreed upon warrant,
attested to by all sides

then the jailbreak

the trick of the click
the moment of the meme
trolls on a roll
bots on a bounty
thumbs up thumbs down
a toggle on the scale


All Hail
Social Media

day 3 2018 NaPoWriMo

Tabs Detour

From My About Page

If honest, I imagine most people enjoy a passive/aggressive relationship with the new digital dictates. This bit and byte of both brilliance and buffoonery. And I’m a member of that club, tribe, clan, and guess I’m still a fan, but cooling to both its whim and wonder.

The Social Media subset of all this faderal is a two-faced mash-up of the magical and the mutinous, with but few seeking a North Star, while the many instigate the daily plank walkings.

So this post is but a drop in the bucket of our collective troubled waters. A personal ebb tide of takes, wakes, and bad poems prepping for purgatory.


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