Casual Casualty Count

Casual Casualty Count

He knew where the body
of his possibilities were
buried prior to the hide
and seek of puberty

Betwixt and between
the tween in the backseat
of a black Lincoln Continental
spending two hours each weeknight
contemplating the efficacy
of those suicide doors

Sated by Happy Hour Plus
Dad a lush with this iteration
Of another bombshell step-mom-
this new, “Bouncing Betty.”

A decade later. Basic.
First Weekend Pass .
Mid-Size City Hotel.
A Black Lincoln Continental with
suicide doors and a body lying
on a semi-crushed top.

Another Bouncing Betty.
Says the Barkeep.
They sleep with the soldiers.
As many as they can through
the weekend.
And then they just jump.

NaPoWriMo April 28 2023

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