I Had A Dog Named T-Bone. A REPOST

I’ve been looking for a review of David Frum’s book on Trump that justifies my Amazon buy book toggle.

And this might be it; Michael Tomasky @ NYRB.

Frum’s warning is expressed in his subtitle—that Trump’s rule is a very real threat to the republic. At other times in his text he calls Trump a threat to democracy. Those are two different things—“republic” refers to a body of laws, “democracy” to majority rule—and while it’s true that Trump is a threat to both, it would have been helpful to readers unsure about that distinction if Frum had explained both threats in more detail and laid out why they’re different…. more 

If you don’t know the damn difference between a republic and a democracy, how in the hell can you fulfill the duties and responsibilities of citizenship? How can you game politics successfully if you are not aware of the particular shape of the playing field?

Anyway.  Awhile back, when T-Bone the puppy was running about Montrose Dog Beach we’d often meet-up  with other crazy canine enablers, and a peoples pack soon formed. A couple of couples, and some singles and such. And the group started to trek to other dog friendly venues further up the North Shore, and even beyond the Cheddar Curtain. (Wisconsin)

We were all pretty blue politically, and given we were from vote early, vote often, there was even a longtime politico pro in the mix.

Come the Holiday we exchanged gifts and such, but SNZ and I wanted an extra signature, so that first year, all got a subscription to the New York Review Of Books, and that got a holler. But the next year it was Garden And Gun , and that got a roar. All the Yankees loved it. Click the link above, and you might be surprised. ( keep in mind, there is apt to be a gun control debate coming, and these are the folks you’re going to need.)

And then K-9’s started getting older. Then one, then two, passed away. And  people parted. And the last gift subscription was  to Lapham’s Quarterly.  I felt that appropriate.

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