SNZ and The LED

My new-found interest in making “music in the box” has necessitated the purchase of increased computational power and accompanying peripherals to better facilitate that end. And then, all those components, gadgets, and doodads birthed, not surprisingly, the need for more storage. This lead to that Terracotta monster pictured above.

It’s an off-brand out-sized stepchild to two IKEA metal lockers, like the blue unit pictured below. We have a red one as well.

As of today, Snz and I have been together for thirty-five years. She’s my best friend. My heart. Intellectual honest to damn near a fault, and she never fails to remind me that love wins. And I can’t wait to see the results of her LED RGBIC strip wiring of said Terracotta storage unit. Like everything and all people she comes in contact with….you may not see the why of it… but you will see the glow.

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