Makin’ beats during a thunder Storm Makes it harder To Drop

Around poem five
The urge to take
a dive begins to
jive with the idiocy
of my beat making

The Beats…
Get it

Or GrandDaddy-O

And Good Only Knows

I’m finding this turn
To EDM discordant
And Hank, to be frank…
Country EDM

Then again,
I could drop some
liminal on ‘em

Liminal ( (occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold: I was in the liminal space between past and present | the paintings in this exhibition are the result of recent investigation into liminal states.)

This was my third beat…back last August one….before I had a a real DAW. But it’s the why of why I continue to show my ass.

Hold The Phone…A Tone Poem

June Of 2022

My My My.

As if my written poesy ain’t punishing enough, I’ve taken an interest in tone poemin’. I’m sure you’re excited for me.

And so I spent a few hours today on my baby DAW…digital audio workstation…, laying down some tactless aural tracks to better sonically testify to the totality of my pretensions and artistic hackery.

But it’s short. A little over a couple of minutes. And it’s raw. No EQ, master mix, compression…just tracks with volume eyeballed and and a wish and a prayer baseline.

And my tone poem has a name… but I’m too shy to share that.

See Ya.

It’s called SNZ-breeze.

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