Tallyman Talisman

Two Poems...one done today...another one from the last century....

it’s no longer my day, season,
or even decade…
Hell, it’s no longer my century-
Yet suddenly,
an abrupt chronological
epiphany has informed me
That time isn’t passing
me by
It’s just shy to embrace a
why me?
when the individual moment resolutely
still matters..
in fact, the very next damn moment,
may just sum.

Now My Second Poesy Posted On The WEB
circa that last century

Alaska The Cat

Alaska attacks before sunrise
aware that vulnerable hour
Alaska’s quick to mobilize
the logistics of Eisenhower

Alaska blitzkriegs before daylight
with a belly that leads the way
Alaska makes war with appetite
for breakfast or early doomsday

Alaska Pearl Harbors the morning
Alaska declares no war
Alaska gives no warning
as sleep’s divestiture

Alaska allows no slackers
Alaska allows no latrine
Alaska the a.m. bushwhacker
surrender the damn fish spleens

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