Mass Men

more past half-assed poetry ...

Did Hobbes
have a clue?
his state
of nature
a screw you!
and you too!!
And about his
rule by the
would you
prefer self-

Poem 4 for April 4, 2014

I was up re-reading, into the wee hours, Alan Ryan “On Politics.” He argues that it’s Thomas, not Niccolò, who won the first MVP of modern political thought. Claims Machiavelli had game but was backward looking to Rome and the how to get and keep power, while our buddy Hobbes was interested in the whys of the necessity of political power and why the nature of people make that so.

Go Cubs Go. Just foolin’. The Ricketts would have to pay me and Snz to have us bless the 14 home opener. In our younger years we never missed, but the Ivy and Theo have produced an expectation itch that’s at best, three more years away. Besides, 40 degrees, winds at 45 mph, and a wind chill in the 20’s is too cold for even hot chocolate.

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