Dollar A Holler Music Theory

Dollar A Holler Music Theory

So I awoke this morning feeling like a “Small Bank” in a two stop-light burg ‘bout a hundred miles west of Bismarck, North Dakota. The feeling was shuttering. A snow shoe run on holdings.

Truly an American dream. Nightmare.

But now I stare at this damn book about music theory. I wouldn’t know a scale from the cause of a bank fail, but there is a bit of harmony in that metaphor / analogy…if in fact it is either / or.

Took but a few words to bore…right.

So on with the show.

Yesterday I moaned about making similar sounding beats/ tone poems.
Then wrote I wanted to logic some Bro Country.

The guy below did. It’s fun. It’s stupid, yet really informative. Have a look.

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