Lo-Fi- Finance

Lo-Fi- Finance

Tech tends to be libertarian. And I understand that. But the wow and flutter of the Silicon Valley Bank failure means they might have to return to an old school understating. The cost of money always fluctuates. As can the value of assets.

And did the Fed take that in consideration and caution banking regulators to wise up those post 2008 silicon banking wondekind…as Powell powered up interest rates to lower the boom on inflation.

Who knows…Dodd Frank weakened in 2018. Did this weaken regulations on these banks? Bet it did.

And libertarians often feel they can make a market for any and all. And they really can’t. Think how motley the motives to buy and sell. The world has never been rational. And that’s not about to change. And you can take that to the bank.

OK. Another tone poem. And to be honest, these little riffs are all beginning to sound alike. It happens…think I’ll try me some Bro-country next.


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