Flight Of Fancy

So I’m waiting for this theme/template to stop being updated. It’s a store-bought “Pro” piece of work I’ve used off and on for….damn… maybe a decade. I’ve worked it here and other sites, meaning I’ve purchased multiple instances.

Two days ago was a major update. And having done this idiocy for awhile I knew corrections to the recent enhancements and fixes would follow, and sure enough. So a bit of a holding pattern before I finally land this site.

Woke this morning feeling a bit like Fox News. Off balance and anything but fair-to-middling. Win or lose, Dominion is now the Murdoch’s Dominatrix. Be it monetary and/or public political muscle memory, this beat down is going to be costly, and maybe game changing. But then again, Fleet Street didn’t finish ‘em. So what do I know.

I know this …back to the landing this site metaphor….it will be wheels down December 1 of this year. And that feels freeing.

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