Posting Beats.

I’ve got an abundance of tools, but this old fool’s skill set is now on the skids.

So why , given these honest givens, would I opt to use software that affords more options than I’ve seen a daily sunrise. Then multiply that number by three and you might see why I’m feeling moonstruck.

I learned how to use software back when program disk/cd came bundled with paper documentation often the size of a mid-sized American city phonebook.

Now I screen-flicker a PDF with a calorie free index. Not conducive to either deep understanding, nor a quick fix. I’m flummoxed and having nary a note of fun. And that’s happening prior to fully setting up hardware to shake hands with the software code of now three Digital Audio Workstations.

Sure I can bum around a beat or two and bounce a half-assed DAW project into a MP3, but the learning curve isn’t just steep, it’s a 4/4 parkour of sends, busses, transients…and strains, and I could drone on.

So with all this discordance in the mix , why would I consider posting politics again. Because most people are politically tone deft. And I hear war drums. You know, I’d just be posting beats.

See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.

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