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So How Is My Baseball Sim Going To Handle The Pitch Clock

A month away from a from a poem a day but I ain’t posting nary a one publicly. I’ll write them. Usually do. And a few, very few, should be OK. But my sudden need not to share will most likely trump more than a decade of tradition. So be it.

My autodidactic belief that working a second digital audio work station
would quick time the learning curve of my primary audio software has , as of yet, not been quite as successful as I hoped. More glitch than gestalt. But it’s still early. You know there’s a minor music sub-genre called glitch.

But I’ll level with ya. It’s not just about the wow of making a fire beat. It’s about the buck making, and creative possibilities of boutique and niche add-ons…plugin’s to make the audio making process easier and more mainstream. My eventual interest is not Logic Pro or Studio One, it’s software programs like JUCE.

Oh, about installing my brand spankin’ new midi controller / keyboard…I balked. I’m gonna try again this morning. Just not a hardware guy.


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