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Here’s a dirty little secret. I currently have, for the money, the best WordPress hosting plan that one can get anywhere. That’s right. Right here on WordPress.com. It’s not even close.

So what’s one who just can’t abide “The Reader” to do. We shall see.

About that “Reader”, I think it now just serves to enhance one’s tendency to develop a “ Social Media” personality as opposed to letting content choices give cue to the interests, concerns, and skillset of the site holder.

That may read Pollyannaish…. Most likely is…but there is an anti-influencer movement coming. Just being one’s self, even on-line, may begin to trend. Care more about just- bee-ing than becoming…. just more hive-jive.

So let’s follow that anachronism with a quick audio thingy equally passé ….


OK…yesterday I installed a new digital audio convertor and it’s working on both digital audio workstations as well as the system whole….but still wondering how audio is routed…and wow… I truly bad at wire management.

For Tuesday, it is Tuesday…right…I’m gonna set up and map a new keyboard/ controller to one of those workstations… now if ya think I’m just braggin’ about a skill or flaunting some flash new toy…not true… I’m committing to do so today…right here…right now… so I just don’t press the bunk all day reading some hot off the press political tome… and getting pissed off before lunch…

See ya ….wouldn’t won’t to be ya.

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