Watching Paint Dry

Damn it. I’m now subject to the sudden chill. Makes my body shudder and my eyes quiver. Brought on by some thunder and rain. I shouldn’t
complain, living in the Windy is never easy. Any-how…

Big week coming. Gotta get hold of my dilettantism…damn it. As household chores abound. Return all things living room into that room as the space was just painted. Re-hang pictures, rewire electronics…and I guess, return chairs, rugs, plants and stuff. Too much stuff…and again damn it.

Then there’s new software and hardware to configure in my office. A new hosting position for my new site, as well as a template/theme search, and long haul determination of plug-in needs. Like a site wide audio player.

That’s the why of why this site now looks so one and done. And will pretty much stay that way. What the hey…change is good right.

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