DAWing To A Full House

I now have three digital audio workstations and a fourth is on the way. It’s a lite version of Ableton bundled with a new midi-controller. Then in a month or so, that Europe loving CUBASE will flush out all this digital music drama and the band….me… can play on.

That said, I’ve already blotched setting up Studio One after downloading it last night. Took about an hour to break it. Most likely will take a day to fix. And then months to learn. I want that software for its ability to print out the actual score of a project, and the cross platform collaborative possibilities the user community suggest.

She’s a singer songwriter working a DAW….you’re an old geek with a lyric or two…let’s get digital.

And each software has different strengths, work flows, and user base , but an audio track is still just that and damn near universal.

Many people are using multiple tools to create a multitude of sonic sins. So I’m jumpin’ in. It was never in doubt.

Also got two plug-ins yesterday. Designer type and full of seek the niche neat analog beat. Very clever stuff.

Pictures of the GUI’s of two of the three are featured in this post.
And I washed and rinsed the accompanying audio file below. My audio doesn’t do justice to these young guys work and I just set all to default
and whistled past the Radio Shack.

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