A Tone Poem For The Speaker.

A Tone Poem For The Speaker.

At the height of the Holidays my sub-woofer gave up the ghost. So I had to make a post holiday purchase that sorta pissed me off. Nothing says Ho Ho Ho, oh no- yet another big package arriving but days into the New Year.

But at least the kerfuffle in Congress sorta held my interest and in thanks I made a Tone Poem for Kevin.

It ain’t no bop, and barely holds a groove, but it emotes the performative nature of last weeks falderal. I think.

No mix, nor bus or sends, just an eyeball balance and the fidelity degradation that comes with porting to MP3.

Thanks For Listening.

Removed Tone Poem due to a technical problem of my own making. Apologies. And now… take two. Sorry r.Douglas

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6 thoughts on “A Tone Poem For The Speaker.”

  1. trE says:

    I love how it starts off feeling like we’re mourning his arrival and then there’s the upbeat sort of funky feel as though, “at least we’re not waiting around anymore to find out”, and then finally back into the mourning his arrival feel. Very nice.

    1. r.Douglas says:

      Too kind trE—yep painting that picture with some big ass crayons I am…and it went motley in the muddy middle… but OK for an old man…thanks…your comments on these make the time these take worth while.

  2. Susan says:

    Nice! Love this latest tone poem—complex, surprising, soulful, and all with a toe-tappin’ beat, reflecting the new Speaker’s woes and the accompanying antics of the not-to-be-trifled-with back-benchers. How do you do it?? Can’t wait for the next one!

    1. r.Douglas says:

      You be the deal…not sure ’bout all toe-tappin’ but good enough for gov-mint work. next one soon. Thanks.

  3. LA says:

    Till next time

    1. r.Douglas says:

      Thanks…I fixed it.

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