I don’t respond to your post
Your hopes, dreams, your fears
I could care
I respond to your other responders
To influence
Their hopes, dreams, their fears

Your forum, big or small, is my
main stage, and I’m willing to wager
You’ve never factor the performative nature
Of my cunning attempt at culling your concerns
And swaying your readers to reject reason, facts,
And that, oh so- hoped for forum,
of a good faith exchange of ideas

That ain’t me
And more important
It ain’t about you
You’ve got the platform
And a crew

But I practice the
performative view

Performative politics has always been around
But the internet has truly grounded it, and it really
sparked these past few weeks. In fact it’s charging.
Be aware.

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  1. I would love to see anyone get a reader to reject a long term tenet, or really, thing about something in a way they’ve never thought about it…I’ve written things and people don’t see themselves in the words….we are all equally deaf dumb and blind to what’s right there….remind me to tell you about a recent conversation with my sister…

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