Mawkish Maybe

Mawkish Maybe

Some times it just hurts to post. Especially when poemin’. When you think something is gonna get some play or recognition or at least a comment or 20… and then crickets…that’s ball busting.

As the Court was considering Dobb’s and long before the leaks concerning the decision, and after contemporaneously listening to oral arguments I posted the following…

Self Sovereign

Another injudicious injury
I count four for sure
And five deprives
what thrives innermost

A soul self directed
In animating another
soul expected, to
embody the quintessential
of individual free will

Not a soul said hey, or go to hell. There were a few likes. But I was looking for something more. I was looking for an honest discussion. A sharing. But nowadays…(that nowadays Old Man mawkish enough for ya) people don’t share. They just take it to the street. But I guess that’s how it’s always been.

Speaking about taking it to the street, Rhodes found guilty of Seditious Conspiracy. What a toothbrush day that’s to be.
Back soon.

Back now…now being about two hours later.

I’m not knocking peaceful protest. I’m arguing against those who publicly practice chaos for personal material gain, or collective ideological control. They just throw shit in the game.
It’s all they know.

And that’s your oversimplification for this evening. Welcome.

But I’m sure you’ll be happy to know there’s a tone poem below.

See Ya. Thanks for reading, and listening.

Street Lamps Lit At 4 P.M. is the pretentious handle of this tone poem ramble.

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  1. This part right here:

    “I’m not knocking peaceful protest. I’m arguing against those who publicly practice chaos for personal material gain, or collective ideological control. They just throw shit in the game.
    It’s all they know.”

    And, I just write. I expect nothing. I get it out, and then I move on. Whatever happens from it, happens.

    You always match your tone poems perfectly with the actual poems. It’s an art form.

    1. How I wish I could adopt your post-post attitude and having said my piece, just be at peace with it. I admire and envy you for that capability.

      But for some of my stuff I just can’t. It’s the so easily put and flowing ambiguity in some of my work…that just begs for a, but a wait a minute response. It wasn’t consciously designed to do so. But there it so obviously is, and I get shocked, I mean truly shocked, that few feel the need to point that out.

      If you look at the poem again …how can the concept of a soul be self directed?
      Or is real autonomy the essence of having a soul. I mean it’s a breezy piece ,
      but the use of “embody” in the second verse…does that move it to metaphysical …or just the real world necessity to jump start life ( agency?) with a spank of that baby’s bottom.


      Thanks so much. And thanks for noticing them tone poems. I am so far away from even a modicum of understanding in using a Digital Audio Work Station. It’s fun, and can be an expensive hobby, and I got involved with it because of my interest in AI. I’m already using a plugin or two that claims to be about such witchcraft. But I got a long way to go before I can truly conjure.


      And Always

      1. You’re most welcome. I’m going to tell you what a mentor told me several times, “You’re looking for the response you want readers to have, not the response readers will most times give.”

        Trust me, I had to really let some things go as it pertains to my writing. It wasn’t easy. But the public sphere isn’t always our best audience.

        You keep sharing these germs, though. Please.

  2. I admit I don’t often comment on poems…it is one area I’m not good at analyzing…but throw out a sentence and I’ll battle

    1. In fact La …you did comment.A quick stab at free will. But by then I was already ill with self pity. But hey, you’ve said nothin’ bout any of my tone poems. What …not New York Fancy Schmancy enough for ya?…don’t worry …working on getting a full orchestral section for my digital audio workstation so I can go all lazy rainy Saturday afternoon Robert Schumann on ya. Now where in the hell am I gonna store yet another Terabyte of sounds.

      1. Honestly, I’m crap at writing and understanding poetry…I hate commenting on something if I don’t think I got the subtlety…understanding poetry is an area I’m sorely lacking. I get nuance in prose, but poems…not so much. I try to read poems in hopes that one day I’ll understand better

      2. I understand ….and in sharing this with Snz she agrees with you about the difference nuance regarding poetry V prose. And Snz gets paid to write. Thanks.

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