Doesn’t Pare

Doesn’t Pare

No longer
A mid-morning
Or an early evening
Nor a late afternoon lunch
With a before sunset scotch

I imbibe my time
in the binary
It’s now just either
And in all ways…
Day or Night

And this no gradient
Prohibits any chance of the

So How is one to be astute
At the never subtle throw
Of a light switch

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Oh…My….an early tone poem reposted. Sure to be some of that here….but only for another year. That’s the deal I made with SNZ….I post here for one more year and then I can DAW all day. I’m gonna hold her to that deal. Thanks guys….for reading and listening and puttin’ up with me.

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    1. nuances Michael, what them be? Could argue aging nukes those nuances but that would be but a half-life of truth. If I fess up I fear I’m just getting lazy. Thanks for commenting; taking the time, Michael. Appreciate it. Regards

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