There’s no feeling
Like no feeling
Sorta double dealing

But baby
When there is no ceiling
How low can you go
Is a slo-mo glide to no


Oh no. That reads a bit…make that …sounds a whole lot like bad song lyrics, don’t em. Hmmmmm…all this Digital Audio Work Station stuff has me shuckin’ and yet…Thriving. It’s big fun but any turn to thinking self a lyricist will quickly taint my bad poemin’ props and reputation. Can’t have that, can we.

Ok…three works below, and as an old school, old fool, late to the game audio mixing autodidact, I liked all but find the first genre serviceable, the canary is great on the second, and the third is either way over the top or just a kick ass bottom line.

To be clear I have nothing to do with these tracks other than offering a quick two cents ‘bout ‘em.

How’s that for a wrap?

Finger Snaps and Toe Taps
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