A Lowbrow Meow Ha Ha

A Lowbrow Meow Ha Ha

And Howdy—-
—Last week
I thought it just
might be my last
and that kinda
thinking is peak
bleak and reeks
Of tough titty

but even an animated
antiquated anachronism
should eventually just 
give up
the damn ghost


But no.. not me..
Not just yet,
I’m betting the farm
On “beat”ing the game
a tone deaf day late maybe

And honestly,
a bit shady
This need be
To depart
 this long lark
When “Radio Ready”

Here’s the up in the morning and out to school skinny.

As a late comer to the “digital audio workstation” GAME…AKA ..beat making, sound design, music production, mixing, and mastering–winning this game means producing something “Radio Ready.” A “game” win is not necessarily some commercial success. But it must meet some steaming audio standard. It’s not really enforceable, but most understand what it entails and try to oblige.

So let’s start with A Harry Styles Song and then watch a young guy with a “DAW” deconstruct it.

Sorta Interesting And Culture Catching

This Kid Is Great and can play this game.

And It’s not just guys, gals are great at it too.

This Young Lady Is Very Talented
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