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So My DAW Needs A DAC.

Slap up some poesy.
Cuff up some verse
Smite up some ditty
thwack up some metrical

None of which will measure
Or weather the vacuous
localism of a taciturn world
wide latticework of wannabe
gonnabe syndics

See ya.

The Chaos Machine … Max Fisher
Robert Crawford. Both of his two books on T.S.
American Psychosis … David Corn
Holding The Line … Geoffrey Berman
Like, Comment, Subscribe … Mark Bergen
Status And Culture… W.David Marx

Had another TIA…mini stroke. And again, started in my sleep. Damn. I’m OK. But this one hurt. Couldn’t walk for about an hour. And then all good but very tried. I mean exhausted.

And Apple is taking a byte out of my patience in delivering that Max Mac Studio. Near three weeks for a relatively simple customization is a bit too long.

And yes we are puppy hunting. Gonna adopt. And it’s gonna be soon. Mid-October.

As for this site. I’m not sure what I’m doing. My subscribe is up soon.

DAW = Digital Audio Workstation
DAC = Digital Audio Convertor

Peace. And the music below is some old stuff by others That I like.

Lazy Me. Time To Make My Own
  1. I hope you will rest up, stress less, and find the baby boy or girl pup you really want. Take care of yourself over there.

    1. Hey …thanks for your kind words and concern. I’d tell ya I’m fine, but I gotta say it’s frightening to fear going to sleep. Yeah, a puppy… We can’t wait. Longest time without in three decades. Bevy of photos to be posted.
      Thanks so much. Ya’ll stay well.

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