Connotes The Confession

doggerel and digital music always

So My DAW Needs A DAC.

Dark Light

Connotes The Confession

New says, new ways, the new gaze,
even these on demand and dammed
new old days,
having now decided to shun me-
becomes me
to take to one’s heels and toe tap
a tip of the hat to a bittersweet
adoption of anachronism

A silently salient tactic
In a sibilant rich echo,
choruses a tone deaf strategy
of out of tune anarchy
coarsely off key
in wrong noting all these-in kind-
aches, angst, and agitations

The music of fading muscle memory
juggles scatter shatter sus cords
unhanding a melody of maledictions

trading ones
being the score of the times

a mix tape thing
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