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Test one

Poemin’ while playing a submarine simulator

while awaiting new near field monitors for my new digital audio workstation

And feeling each and everyone of my many years..
It has been brutal, physically, for couple of months.

And it’s block party day, but of course, which means the delivery person has an excuse not to drop off said monitors as the street is semi-closed…
we shall see.

In a way I hope those speakers are delayed, a day or two,
as that would postpone a desk teardown and reconfigure. I’m not sure I have the strength.


At play is the strain, melody, motif
In high relief in that device that 
soon cords the tropes

What hope for a human chorus against the
incontrovertible congruity of whose
neural network is singing for its supper

Do we dare share heartbreak and besottedness
To spice that bit and byte of sensation that
may never be subject to subtraction

How do you cadence code
the down beat swoon
of a simpatico human symphony
in spite of

Speakers are here. And learning more than I’ll ever need to know about Artificial Intelligence, by way of playing around with a digital audio workstation, begins for real today.

Oh No Music Theory

And Baby Steps At AI Music For The Common Man

So Is This A Cheat Sheet or infant creative A.I.?

And Of Course you need a melody

Well well is this constrained AI or all random. ….but this does help one better understand Music Theory

and what’s this for…..

more theory


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