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I guess I’ve decided. I was helped by my euro site that has sat dormant behind a countdown coming soon pimp for damn near a year. I’ll wipe it and cancel come autumn.

Then again…

Always… a damn…then again.

But here, I’m gonna be; for at least another year. As I up my audio game, and God help me, maybe do a little video experimenting. You can combine the two, right? The sound and the picture. And both can be moving?

But poemin’ is still the fixture. The rhyme and the reason. And I’m seasoned at it, so there’s that.

But I must say, poesy never gets much play, which is why I often go cryptic and anti Insta. My view of the verse perverse by the current lack of interior rhyme and rhythm that allows the beat making of paragraph slice and dicing to post what rolls as making one’s point. Snake Eyes I say to that. Damn near demonic.

So Tone Poem Four.

And it’s a snore and a bore, yet taught me more about the software I’m using than working those previous four digital discordencies.

Again…raw tracks. No tweaks. I should be ready for all that high-fidelity highfalutin hubbub in a couple more weeks.

This began as an ambient sound attempt and then went all sashay post-modern junk…damn… near jump… jazz.

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