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OK..at 72 long years I still try to stay current and exploring my current interest in tone poemin’ has enlighten my understandings of today’s “Beat Making” by all the kids out there in the digital diverse.

How it warms this ole poem’ers heart that todays’ youth are taking the time and effort to obviously sonically salute and pay bottom end homage to those bongo “bouncers” of the nuke and juke box 1950’s. How sweet of ‘em. Cool Daddy-O.

Below is tone poem number three. Like the first two efforts, little effort at a finished product was considered. No EQ, compression, third party shenanigans, or multiple hours spent.

Maybe twenty minutes for two minutes of head rush toe tapping alluding to a dive bar mid-Sunday afternoon when Saturday night’s hangover finally breaks-and like the tone poem…just ends.

Next post, or one soon thereafter, SNZ reads, out loud, my poetry. Should be a hoot.

Tone Poem III
Tone Poem 2

Tone Poem One
    1. Hey thanks so much for taking the time to comment. It’s just the second time anyone’s said anything about these things. And yes, one’s mood at the time is the subjective critic and objectively that’s all that counts. Susan, always good to hear from you, and on these”tone poems” I’m especially curious about your thoughts. Regards.

  1. I LOVE these! And it’s interesting that each has a different sound, or “tone.” Objectively or subjectively, it’s apparent—audibly so—that these tone poems are toe-tapping’, joyful, and fun.

    So an effusive all thumbs up and a sky-full of stars. Fire, baby!

    1. You be fire. Thanks heart. And lookin’ forward to your coming poem readings this post. And speaking of post…hows bout adding one to your site. Big thanks.

      1. Flexing my vocal chords now for the “coming soon” reading. Can’t wait! But as for my own post, it’s a wait-and-see biz. Know what I mean?

  2. I really love these. It’s a tie for me between 1 and 3. 1 is really going to stick with me for a while. Great work, Doug!

    1. Don’t think for a minute that I take your comments here for granted, but on these audio flybys I really want to hear the bees knees from you. Thanks

    1. Well hey. Thanks a bunch for chiming in. And you had an interesting post today. Are you considering getting a youtube channel? Thanks again.

      1. I enjoyed the tunes. Thank you. My post was a fun write, over a year ago. Thanks for the visit! I had not considered it, but who knows. Do you have one?

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