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As things are apt to happened, this week we have been testing to determine whether the variant has been visited upon us, and if so, taken hold.

Twice results have been negative, and if this mornings test is status quo, that’s a go… to trek up the North Shore and pick up a prince of a puppy to pack with us for a week. Said canine is to be schooled in the wicked ways of this inner city Windy City.

But then there is this Tuesday. A long needed and schedule doctor appointment, having already been twice postponed, is now in jeopardy by the health facilities ten day rule. Our best interpretation of the regulation follows; you need to inform the medical staff if one knows that one has been exposed to the pestilence of the day within a ten day period.

Tuesday will be day eight. Now three test indicate negative results. If, when told, which I will do Monday, the “staff” suggest that any doctor seein’ take place another day into the future, I’m not giving back that puppy dog until I see said doctor.

The puppy’s peeps are Snz’s Mom and Dad, and her Dad’s a doctor. And somehow I see both ill logic and CYA insurance justification in all this bow-wow how now medical parochialism.

But of course the puppy goes back as scheduled, even if our summer, once again, careens off course. Truthfully….summer is all about the zig and the zag. The up and down.

    1. Thanks, that the plan…. and an e-mail sent your way, per your request…regarding separate query ….check in-box

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