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I’m Saturday morning Submarine Simulating and it’s Jan 24 1942 and I doing 19 KT’s and heading North-East in the prodigious Pacific. It’s right after sunrise and the rain is but a drizzle and there’s but one ship on radar and I have time to ponder our all too current and real world.

My audio jones, to post semi-podcast particulars locally on my site, has quickly become more complicated than I initially expected. And a bit expensive.

But in the main, it’s become increasingly humbling by repeatedly illustrating how my patience for learning new software and and best-fit workflow has become so, now old man, low threshold quick to rising intolerance.

And you’ve gotta balance the projects budget, and the allocated personal time the added task will take. And picking the right hardware and software is arduous. And damnit, to do this right I may need a new computer a year before I thought I’d purchase.

OK. By the by and back to the sub sim. I’m now 200 feet submerged running at six KTs heading 239 between a destroyer and maybe a ten/12 ship convoy/fleet.

Back to the self sounding board. And to risk boring ya even more. Finished product audio files, size wise, are more than manageable. But production, even for double AA level quality, takes an enormous amount of computer storage, software manipulation skill, hardware setup and personal time allocation. And then there’s the most important variable..ego.


I can’t do it, unless I really do it, and that takes a level of pro tools to do so…even semi-professionally. I mean, even at the hobby blog level. For me, anyway.

So we shall see. Thanks for your time. And now back to the sea, for me.

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