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Back to the North Shore today for a celebration. It’s Snz’s Mom’s birthday so Brooklyn, Key West, and inner city Windy City will all gather at the parent’s Highland Park condo.

The condo is about four blocks from the 4th of July shooting. Conversation is certain to turn to that event but I’m not sure I’ll do more than nod and dodge, and head for one of the condo’s balconies where I’ll retreat into nicotine, and blue hue the who knew that such tragedy would become so damn blood fed red America; and in damn near- every way-every day- commonplace.

I look forward to seeing those Brooklyn babies. I worry so about them. And seeing Bandit the puppy. And saluting Snz’s Mom. And hearing all’s take on the give and take of simply navigating this now post(?) pandemic and longtime politically fraught U.S.of A.

Hey…Stay Well.

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