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The Brooklyn Branch of the tribe is in town, as well as the Key West wing, so SNZ is flummox with logistical necessitating.

Poor woman doesn’t stand a chance. And the task is over a week long and I’m all good with being herded until I’m not…but I don’t plan to bolt until after my country buddy Dwight Yoakam twangs his way through that beautiful and sweetly small music venue named Ravinia…up the North Shore by the lake.

See… I figure I might parlay a few bucks with a gimmick wager on his set list…what songs will he troubadour? Hey, it’s worth a yodel…right y’all.

But that’s not the reason for this post. I compose to introduce tone poem two.

But back to the back story… Snz needed to relax and refresh so after I chanced into an intro base track, I asked her to help me dumb step it all out and she obliged, and now she has a producers credit. Which she will most certainly disavow as soon all the family visitors vamoose.

Truth is she’s good at it and it was fun and you can listen some below. Just remember these tracks are raw..with no mixing nor master tracking.

And if interested there’s another audio of the aforementioned Dwight doing his much sweeter thing.

Peace. …and PS…I did link to Ravinia above… their site is a look see


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