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My My My.

As if my written poesy ain’t punishing enough, I’ve taken an interest in tone poemin’. I’m sure you’re excited for me.

And so I spent a few hours today on my baby DAW…digital audio workstation…, laying down some tactless aural tracks to better sonically testify to the totality of my pretensions and artistic hackery.

But it’s short. A little over a couple of minutes. And it’s raw. No EQ, master mix, compression…just tracks with volume eyeballed and and a wish and a prayer baseline.

And my tone poem has a name… but I’m too shy to share that.

See Ya.

It’s called SNZ-breeze.

  1. I love this musical motivation you’ve created! It’s peaceful yet uplifting, and has a funky groove to it, too.

    1. You are so nice. Thank you so much. And yep there is that 70’s waw-waw pedal drop and an age showing wave at disco, but in the main the little light bright 3 trip refrain butters and the stand up base line is post toasty pre-mixable, and again…thanks so much for the listen and taking the time to note.

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