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Hey…not posting ain’t too bad. Do I miss poemin’, tinker toy think pieces, and the piss and moaning about the pandemic of pestilence politics?

Sho Nuff I do, but I’ll clue ya…on line posting is changing and I want to get ahead of the curve before the only option is to circle that pay to play wagon.

Big and small.. blog hosting models are going to change, becoming more expensive while offering fewer basic configuration options, and then watch in-house site design offers take hold as the complexity of building a unique post in a community driven platform becomes more technically problematic regardless of, or due to a bevy of global options.

The Gutenberg wave has crested, the community model has substacked, and the Square Space of ‘hobby posting’ is now part and parcel of an evolve or die business model.

Me… I miss the classic WordPress editors sprinkled with a short code or three…that the WordPress.Com “Reader” has always and still does butcher.

  1. It’s really quite disheartening how nothing, and I mean nothing in the creative world is sacred and simple anymore.

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