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You know how to game the system, the Senator said. Make all politics… our all the time PASTIME.

Game Loop the rerun, the Senator said, and replay the greatest hits in the Hall Of Fame of a public bone to pick and suggest one wear with pride the updated uniform of all those All Star and vainglorious past and oft-repeated grievances.

Celebrate backward thinking, the Senator advised, as the only true insight to moving the nation forward. And yes, let (insert whichever deity dictates and tickles the current masses) take the wheel. And treat it as real, because the feel deal ain’t in the details, it’s the threat of running society off the rails, and that never fails to garner the pro pol more power.

I will Ivy League the coming confederacy, the Senator said. As I’ve learned to smartly play to this fellowship of faith in fraud and fear in our future.

And I’ll soon be the one to suture the wounds of all this silliness, suggest the Senator.

As my ascendancy to political supremacy will let me corral, congeal, and if necessary coerce these imbeciles of the instant. And then, we will move our nation forward. Said the Senator.

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