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I’m under headphones via a portable baby DAC…digital audio converter…to better power these Audio Technica. White-bread yet wonderful, these earphones. But I’m about to audio up our abode, again.

It’s been another year and the children next door have further sprouted and spring has finally sprung. And along with a nifty number of neighborhood compatriots, pre-teen induced decibels in their backyard, which abuts our very inner city own, is about to rise, ruckus, riot, and reverb late into, at the very least, October.

And SNZ and I are fine with all the dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, and kickball cacophony until I’m just not. It’s on occasion, and it’s rare but real, when the ears have just had it, and overflow with all the “it’s just not fair” agency and repeated pleas for arbitration by those so young that they still believe that rules apply. Bless ‘em.

Here Be SNZ, and big pic left

The real deal is an inner city architectural anomaly. The house next door has a drive way, that parallels our building, which allows two things; the kids have an extended back yard, and when in the back yard proper, noise made there escapes, is amplified, and then bounces the length of our building. There is no building right next door to damper.

The norm, in our neck of these non-woods, is to street park or do as we do, park in our garage via an alley. Again a street enter driveway in our neighbor hood is many blocks, maybe even miles, rare. So there, and what’s an old man to do.

The kids and their parents are wonderful and great neighbors. So again, what’s one to do. It’ easy. And just rolls off the tongue. Use the circumstance to purchase a mess of new audio equipment.

Hardwire, and or bluetooth, the living, dinning, and kitchen areas. New speakers for all. And all in sync and shake your booty loud. And hows’ bout a prosumer DAC.. digital audio converter, remember.

Problem solved. But you gotta do it for ….just a bit better than half a grand, and more important…make sure the whole system can be upgraded and move when you must.


  1. My tolerance of neighbors’ noise is very limited and would depend heavily on their choice of noise, er, music, and the time. Safer to say I have no tolerance.

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