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Have you seen, and tried to navigate the NYT multi-page multimedia view of the cultural and political views of some guy named Tucker Carlson?

For me and my default browser, it was tricky like a Fox to get round and about the pages, and I reckon the presentation is behind the Old Gray Ladies’ paywall, so there’s some peaching to the choir pearl clutch gripping in this NYT effort…but that’s no news of the day.

But I learned a lot, as I feel Fox News is a bot blot on political discourse and I don’t wish to allocate any more of my dwindling days on more Murdock makes money madness, than absolutely necessary.

I’ve watched Mr. Carlson for decades, across numerous venues, and he’s a real pip of a political pimp and now a propagandist of the first order, in dare I say, the “new” NEW WORLD ORDER.

Tucker has tripped over his libertarianism. And fallen from one political faith, he now flails at, no, makes war on the politics of modernity…and like all true believing broken faith belligerents, Mr. Carlson has come to understand that there are big big bucks in both the bellicose, and bamboozle.

SNZ has invaded the home office to watch both baseball and the nerd prom. I always liked the Correspondence Dinner.

BY r.douglas

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  1. I agree with you re Tucker Carlson. Political poop of the worst kind. I don’t waste a minute on him or Faux News. And another great video. We do have similar tastes, it appears, although I rarely listen to music.

  2. P.S. I’d not looked at today’s NYT until just now. Their graphics department went a little nuts, didn’t it? But maybe they’re trying to reflect what emanates from Carlson these days. Nothing but NUTZ.

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