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A Mid-Term post later but first my last, NaPoWriMo.

You Wanted A Seat At The Table

We are the social animal
that breaks bread with a sage
that seasons the rage of having
To desert a feast so sweetly

To bit and byte might be
the end of eating alone
and having to atone, in
Any real sense, for one’s

That corner booth is out
The communal table is in
And the holier than thou
will Hot Dog any and all
Condiments they deem fit
For a consecrated consumption

Bon Appétit

… OK..that’s it. For over a decade I’ve participated in NaPoWriMo. I’ve learned a lot, and enjoyed a bunch of other poets work. And, in the main, had a bunch of fun. But I’m done. No more public posting of any new eye rhyme here or online elsewhere.

It’s time, and it’s just that simple.


    1. Not done…just gonna try to have some fun with the insanity of self publishing da poetry. Certain to be a no win, but I want to at least experience the game. Shorter on the time than some very little mad money…so I’ll limit the hurt. And I’ll have a tale to tell…something to dine out on, if that’s every again possible. Thanks

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