Dark Light

The young live in a political never.
As the young are forever embedded in an unjust
just now

And juiced by youth and truth unfolding they scold the mold of the very moment that grips the present to shape their future

And they do this

Not on purpose, nor in spite, but in the bright light of a new way,
And the shadow of that just foregone
past due day..
may still hue whatever’s possible
And forever haunt their coming of age

Welcome to the damn majority.


Politics as bar fight is the cocktail of the current. Many, drunk on agitprop, belly up to the bar all bellicose and thug a theory they can parrot but not parse.

When asked for particulars, or confronted with context, the thug can only reflect, in higher decibels, the original echo. Leads to frustration all around. Oh does it?

Maybe the thug wins the happy hour, as the wise disengage, or maybe it’s all street theater designed to drop the curtain on any serious colloquy, while limiting the size of the political audience.

While I appreciate the need to opt-out of participating in ugly politics, I caution this vulgarity is by design and a strategy well suited to the guerrilla war nature of United States elections.

April 25,2022

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