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Someone want to tell me which Chicago Cub fan, or New York Yankee teammate, has hacked the Baltimore Orioles Wikipedia page that now states that Anthony Rizzo is the current Orioles owner.

Anyway, I’m ready to set up my baseball sim to “General Manage” that Baltimore franchise from 1954 until whenever I tire or get “AI” fired.

It’s a way to spend the summer. But so is remarking upon, occasionally, the upcoming United States mid-term elections. All members of the House Of Representatives, and a third of Senate seats are to be determined by a vote of the people this coming autumn.

Well, I’ve always been one to fall for an American election cycle. I find it interesting and frustrating, and often, like right now, potentially unsettling, and damn near frightening. And this year, I fear, is apt to be a horror show. But nevertheless, I digress.

Now combining a baseball pennant race and a hardball political campaign, I have often tagged my political post with the truly anachronistic disclaimer, “More Boxscore Than Soapbox.” But that was then. And so was this.


We believe it necessary, proper and immensely satisfying to dog politicians. It’s important to howl at their hypocrisy, raise a leg against their pomposity, and bark insistently if you feel they have infringed upon your turf.

Yet, in doing so, why resort to the methods of the mongrel? Why not measure your quarry with an eye to allowing others to glimpse what has been made clear to you: that you have considered your subject from multiple points of view and that you call into question your opponent’s angle because you’ve come to appreciate where your adversary stands.

That you do so with faith in our system, a respect for those who choose public participation, and a modicum of manners when circumstance calls for a disagreement.

That is still my basic understanding of how best to bicker and dicker about our democrat process.

I’m gonna try to abide by those old school sentiments. Here we go.

I like that iPad Stand
  1. You can see who altered any Wikipedia page by clicking on the history tab at the top. There’s also an edit tab where you can register and make your own changes/corrections etc.

    Last but not least — love that mission statement.

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