Dark Light

It’s a calculated posture to reticent a rhyme
To clutch a glint of a hint to a downshift
that glides the view through the corner

Its a niche recess and canted and counted on
to address the angle and attitude of the approach,

A quick and fast understanding, it’s a solo undertaking,
a companionless compression of one’s
appreciation of time, and the generational rich risk of that
fledgling’s venture

  1. You’ve changed themes again, just as I was learning to navigate the last. However, I can’t tell that the light/dark toggle here does anything. All appears handsomely dark. Enjoy your baseball season.

    1. Thanks, and you should see a vast light dark difference. And just the other day I had to reset the database and revert to this theme via Jetpack. I think I work with this theme for a while.

      1. yea, it is. Hey are you familiar with Substack.com and a political writer there …Heather Cox Richardson… she’s very good and you can read a lot stuff for free in the politics section.

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