Dark Light

Politics as a purchase, a preference,
a store bought selection
But just folk don’t bespoke
they spend their hope on what’s current

And off the rack, to back the hack best
at peddling the in vogue prejudice of the
season…be it enlightenment or treason

The zeitgeist is a zipper stuck at the dress
rehearsal, a reversal of reason, and subject
to the fatal flaw of fabrication

lies stitched together to fray and make fatal
the follies of those frightening moments of our time.

Listen to the whole thing….right.
  1. And today just got a little more frightening with Russia’s test of a new ICBM capable of carrying a nuclear payload.

  2. Oh, the light/dark toggle moves! Just noticed that. Only it doesn’t do it all the time. Or I’m missing something. Maybe it’s just 4/20 having a last laugh.

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