Dark Light

If I were one to thunder
the end of the world by proxy
the last sunrise by fiat
a disappearance of here
and now

might ad hoc memories matter
and coalesce to nullify verdict
to shame the sun to rekindle
the filament of fear
and wow

    1. Thanks much, and if I could take a bit of your time, have you noticed that dark/light mode toggle on my post? Did you click on and off, and by chance notice it’s vibrating animation? And are you a Rockies baseball fan?

      1. I did notice the toggle. Fun! Not sure which mode I prefer. As for animation or vibration, I think I noticed it on something but maybe blamed my eyes and the late hour. And no, not a Rockies fan. Not a baseball fan at all.

      2. Not sure which I prefer, but I really haven’t taken the time to tweak this template much less the plugin. Thanks.

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