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You might think my hobby blogger jones is all about the posting of “content”. And you would be wrong.

It not about the dumb ass poetry, so deep into the weeds, that my posey nom de plume should be Herb I.Cide.

Nor the nom de guerre driven political swamp water dip-drop of a still bitter, once was, Beltway plebeian.

Nope, my fix is not about thesis, I get high on the theme. How it’s all presented. Its posture as it relates to its stated purpose.

And my proposal is my tag line. “Every Post Is The Last Post.” And has been that for decades. My impetus is to acknowledge the whimsical impermanence of it all, yet somehow structure the site to suggest an exact opposite notion.

In other word’s, my hobby is how best to give the historically linear and topdown blog post room to to breath without having to suffocate its amateur status to commercial airs.

Not that I’m against commercial affairs, or tip jars, touting books, selling wares, or the general gathering of wherewithal. Not at all.

It’s just not my thing right now. Right now and of the moment, is that long ago aforementioned Sticky Menu. It’s a pain in the chi and I can’t seem to see, or even conjure, the why of its acting up.

But truth be, I love the problem. Like I love to love/hate the “READER” here at WordPress.com. And even find amusing how readers here are one post and go, because that’s basically all they know, and they do so because that’s how their sites are structured. It’s what they know. And also my content, but I ain’t about to cop to it.

Gotta Go. Thanks.

  1. I love what you do with your site. It’s always so inviting and reminds me of a nice space in which to kick back, drop a quarter in the jukebox, and just chill.

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